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What makes yogurt heavy artillery to slim down? What you can combine to lose even more weight?

You know how it recommends a dietician, where it proposes a diet to lose weight. That is not simply because it has few calories. Yogurt actually weakens. "In recent years both the calcium and other components of milk, play an important role in the regulation of metabolism and reduce the risk of obesity. The high calcium diets reduce fat accumulation and accelerate the decay. And calcium is not the only "magic" ingredient for slimming. "Dairy seems to have a stronger positive influence on reducing obesity because they contain other nutrients 'cooperating' with the calcium in the paths of lipolysis."

Within a single trays, favorite Greek yogurt hides countless vitamins and nutrients. "The supremacy of the nutritional value of yogurt due to the high content in the following irreplaceable nutrients":

Proteins of high biological value: are the most important building blocks for the development of tissues and organs of various biological and especially muscle growth.

Vitamin A: Essential for vision development, reproduction, formatting marrow and the immune system.

B vitamins: They contribute significantly to the rapid growth of children, the proper functioning of the nervous system and metabolism.

Vitamin D: Regulates calcium and phosphorus levels and helps balance the immune system.

Calcium: It plays the most important role in the creation of strong and healthy bones, teeth and prevents the risk of osteoporosis.

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The female genitalia and hence the vagina is one of the most sensitive areas of the female body.

This area receives daily the effect of many factors that can cause irritation from simple to serious infections.

Reduced body's defenses, some routine habits, certain medications and even intense emotional situations are some of the causes which favor the appearance of vaginitis.

The current vaginitis is the most common problem faced by gynaikes.Einai one of the most common reasons that a woman would visit her gynecologist. To minimize the appearance enough to follow some tips from our gynecologist.

Regarding the part of fitness, we must emphasize that we should we exercise when trying to lose weight . The fact is that when we start exercising because of the small or large increase in muscle volume occurs due to muscle fitness can be observed to slightly reduce the rate at which we lose weight. This may occur for 2-3 weeks. 
After the end of those weeks will be observed loss greater than what you had before you start training. It delivers an average of 1,400 calories a day. Approximately 27% of total calories derived from vegetable and animal protein, 43% carbohydrate and 30% from fats, of which 8-10% saturated fatty acids . The daily intake of fiber, soluble and insoluble, is around 28 grams.
Pros: Varied and balanced, ensures adequate caloric intake and nutritional wide coverage. Does not exclude any food group. Meals finances conducive to fat loss and not liquids or lean mass.
Cons: There is no personalization, you need to adjust the diet to your needs and lifestyle here. Requires frequent meals, quality food choices and calculate quantities. You must increase your physical activity or exercise.
What is sinusitis?

Any inflammation in the vagina usually caused by various microbes called vaginitis.

What symptoms have vaginitis?

The most common symptom of vaginitis are itching. It may also be an increase in the amount of vaginal fluid, change in color and smell. Usually there is redness in the vaginal area and sometimes pain during intercourse and urination (burning).

What should I do to prevent vaginitis?

Very important is the way of cleaning the sensitive area. We must use products that maintain the balance of normal vaginal flora. Should be washed once with the vagina to the anus and not contrary to not to transfer germs from the anus to the vagina. Purification of the region continues to this day period. Not recommended for use tampon. It is preferable not to use liquid soap and solid but not betadine or other disinfectants. We prefer cotton underwear that allow the skin to breathe better and for the same reason, try not to wear tight pants. During sexual intercourse should always use a condom. Never use foreign underwear and towels. We strive to strengthen our body's defenses through proper nutrition. Although not often eat sugar and sweets. Add more to our diet yogurts and probiotic products.

What should I do if I have sinusitis?

The gynecologist is the most suitable person to solve your problem. An office visit is necessary as vaginitis is not always innocent and needs proper treatment to cure. We do not use drugs without applying the gynecologist because using the wrong drug may aggravate inflammation. Very often need to be cultured vaginal fluid to detect the virus and then susceptibility to allow the gynecologist to give you the exact treatment for a better deal with the problem.

We and my partner to pursue a claim?

In some cases you need and partner treatment. This however depends on the type of microbe.


What is thrush?

These fungi are often present microorganisms in normal flora of the vagina in a small number and the form of seeds. But under appropriate conditions as heat, humidity, antibiotic use, sexual intercourse, consumption of sweets, tight clothing, nylon underwear, immunocompromised persons, etc. developed causing discomfort. The discomfort is usually itching, redness, discharge Leucon liquids. Candida is often very annoying and can be presented even every month. In these cases, treatment is needed for both partners, which may be as long as six months. However, candida is always vaginal disease, and can not cause any infection in the cervix or the uterus.

The fungus is a microorganism that is living normally but a limited number of human skin, the oral cavity and intestines.

· Normally there fungi in the vagina?

Normally small number of fungi may be present naturally in the vagina and without causing particular symptoms. This is because the immune system and the acidic environment of the vagina caused by lactobacilli (normal microbes Gulf) prevent excessive growth of fungi.

· What is a yeast infection?

This is a local inflammation caused by the excessive growth of fungus in the vagina and vulva.

· Fungal infections are most frequent in the female population?

Indeed fungal infections occur more frequently in the female population because of the wet and warm environment of the vagina. Unlike men rarely affected, although in most cases remain asymptomatic carriers.

• What factors encourage their growth?

 Excessive use of broad spectrum antibiotics, because destroying the normal flora which is the local shield and prevents the growth of pathogenic microbes.

 Increasing the temperature and moist environment favors fungal growth, so this condition usually are usually summer.

 The narrow trousers and nylon underwear, because they increase the local temperature in combination with the fluid environment of the vagina and external genitalia.

 The menopause because the vaginal epithelium atrophy and reduce the local defense of the organism due to the reduction of estrogen.

 A fever


Taking contraceptive

 Diabetes and even if not adequately dealt


· What are the symptoms of fungal infection of the genitals?

In men:

-Knismos, Burning and irritation under the foreskin or tip of the penis

-Erythrotita Or red spots under the prepuce or the end of the penis

-Ekkrisi Viscous fluid from the prepuce

-Ekkrisi Fluid from the urethra

In women:

-Ekkrisi Viscous fluid from the vagina (like cut milk) and peculiar smell

-within Itching, dryness and redness around the vagina, vulva or anus

-Diogkosi Vulva

-Ponos During intercourse and urination, especially if you have small injuries caused by itching

· The age affects the onset of vaginal mycosis?

No, age is irrelevant. But it should be noted that women of childbearing age are more protected from the effects of estrogen, which both favor the galaktovakkillon Gulf but other makes and thicker vaginal epithelium. These two factors prevent the growth of bacteria in the vagina. Unlike menopause with the dramatic decrease in estrogen vaginal epithelium becomes atrophic and thinned sufficiently, leading to easier penetrate the germs, while decrease and lactobacilli that are the natural vaginal shield.

· What are the symptoms of candida?

Basically, if there are symptoms, you should visit your doctor. This from the history and physical examination will probably make the diagnosis. But sometimes it is necessary to take samples of vaginal secretions and urine for laboratory testing to confirm and laboratory diagnosis of fungal infection.

· How is vaginal thrush?

Vaginal candidiasis is treated both with topical preparations, such as vaginal suppositories and ointments, and systemically by administering oral tablets. Today the combination is deemed necessary for the proper treatment of the disease. We must emphasize, however, that patients should not decide by themselves taking drugs with the suspicion of a possible yeast infection without the consent of their physician.

· Vaginal thrush should always be treated medically?

· How long is the treatment?

The treatment of a yeast infection normally takes 4-14 days depending on the case. In case of relapse, the treatment is repeated after 2-3evdomades. Of course while it must undergo treatment and partner. Especially men ought to inform them that their treatment is imperative regardless if they show symptoms or not. It should be noted in particular that is usually asymptomatic but often are infected and spread the disease. This will result in the perpetuation of the disease and the suffering of their comrades.

Can the yeast infection recur?


The relapse is usually due to two circumstances:

a) inadequate treatment of both the patient and her partner.

b) to reinfection


· There is a chronic form of vaginal mycosis?

A simple yeast infection can result in chronic form in the following situations:

a) if there is ignorance contamination partner and continuing contacts

b) if the partner consistently refuses to undergo treatment or fails to complete the proposed action.

c) if there is constant exposure to contaminated water or pool water, toilets in polluted or contaminated underwear and towels.

d) if not taken systematically

However, the correct treatment, the systematic application of the precautionary and hygiene rules and proper information can lead to improvement or even complete elimination of chronic problem.

· What should I do to avoid thrush?

 Avoid contact with a partner who is suspected of contamination or inadequate therapy and during therapy.

 Avoid tight pants.

 Avoid nylon and synthetic underwear.

 Keep moist areas of the body dry.

 Change your wet bathing suit after bathing, and clothes after a hard work or after exercise.

 Avoid taking antibiotics for long periods. But if it is necessary to the long term then you should consult your doctor.

 If you are overweight, try to lose the excess pounds.

 Avoid general vaginal washes and antiseptics mainly because disrupt the normal vaginal flora and encourage the growth of microbes.